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Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda
The Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda (IRA) was established under section 14 of the Insurance Statute 1996 now The Insurance Act,(Chap213) Laws of Uganda, 2000(Insurance Act)which came into effect on 4th April 1996 and commenced operations in April 1997

The main object of the Authority is to ensure the effective administration, supervision, regulation and control of the business of Insurance in Uganda.

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Our Key Functions
The Objective of the Authority is to ensure the effective administration, supervision, regulation  and control of the business of Insurance in Uganda.
  • establish standards for the conduct of insurance and reinsurance business;
  • license all persons involved in or connected with insurance business, including insurance and reinsurance companies, insurance and reinsurance intermediaries, loss adjusters and assessors, risk inspectors and valuers;
  • approve texts of policies proposal forms;
  • approve minimum rates of insurance premiums and maximum commissions in
    respect of all classes of insurance;
  • safeguard the rights of insurance policyholders and insurance beneficiaries to any insurance contract;
  • provide a bureau to which complaints may be submitted by members of the public;
  • advise the Government on adequate insurance protection and security for national
    assets and national properties;
  • promote a sound and efficient insurance market in the country;
  • supervise and control transactions between insurers and re-insurers;
  • ensure strict compliance with this Act and regulations made under it and any
    other law relating to insurance; and
  • undertake other functions as the Minister may designate.
Minister of state for Finance launches Certified Actuarial Analyst qualification..

Minister of state for Finance in-Charge of Privatisation, Hon. Aston Kajara, and Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda Chief Executive Officer Alhaj Kaddunabbi Ibrahim Lubega, congratulate Mr. Derek Cribb the Chief Executive Officer of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries-UK, after launching the Certified Actuarial Analyst qualification.

A new internationally recognized qualification, the Certified Actuarial Analysts (CAA) for Actuarial professionals has been officially launched in Africa.

The qualification to be provided by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFOA) - UK, will allow for cheaper ways to perform actuarial work without reducing the quality of the output. Actuarial skill and work is mainly needed in insurance companies, health insurance, and retirement and pension systems. Read more..

Agriculture Insurance turning around farmers' lives in East Africa..

A Farmer in his maize field:  

Jackie Kiconco sits in her garden with her right hand supporting her chin. Her eyes are gazing across the maize garden that she had planted but because of late rainfall, the seeds failed to germinate.

The 50-year-old smallholder farmer gazes to my direction with a stare that suggests: “come and I tell you my story’. When I ask her what happened she responds ‘My son, I am ‘finished’. This is the only maize garden I had planted. The rains did not come as I expected. My other garden of beans suffered the same fate and now I have nothing to feed my children,” she sadly narrates. Read more.

New Proposals in the Motor Third Party Insurance Act..

Mr. Maurice Omogola the Chief Executive Officer AON Insurance Brokers interacting with Mr. Anthony Rado the  World Bank consultant on the draft Motor Third Party Insurance Act after a consultative meeting at Hotel Africana.  

The Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda (IRA) has started consultations to amend the Motor Third Party (MTP) Insurance Act to ensure that all third parties that have suffered injuries, death or loss of property by motor vehicle accidents are fully compensated.

The current Act was enacted in 1989 providing for compulsory insurance against injuries/death for third parties in respect of use of motor vehicles but not covering property damage.Read More.. 

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The Authority set up a Complaints Bureau in 1998 as per Section 15(f) of the Insurance Act to handle complaits against Insurance players. The public is urged to always lodge complaints with the Bureau for prompt settlement to complaints and avoidance of lengthy and costly Court cases
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